Aerostat is proud to say that its aerial ignition spheres and also the MARK V Plastic Sphere Dispenser are manufactured in the USA through its affiliate company, PSDS, Inc.


Aerial Ignition Spheres*
Our aerial ignition spheres are manufactured by our affiliate company, PSDS, Inc. and have been subjected to extensive testing by IHOPs. Aerostat is the sole worldwide distributor of the PSDS spheres. The spheres are sold in boxes of 1000 with no minimum order quantities. We do offer quantity discounts based on the number of boxes purchased. Our spheres are of the highest quality and are backed by a replacement guarantee on any unused boxes should you ever be dissatisfied with the way they perform.

MARK V Plastic Sphere Dispenser*
Aerostat is proud to say that it is the sole worldwide distributor of the newly approved MARK V Plastic Sphere Dispenser. The MARK V has a similar footprint and utilizes the same size spheres as the old MK III machines but the similarities end there. The MARK V was designed by experience and contains numerous improvements resulting in a lighter weight machine that is easier to maintain and operate. The machine underwent extensive testing before being approved allowing Aerostat of provide an unprecedented two year warranty from date of purchase on each new MARK V.

*Both aerial ignition spheres and the MARK V Plastic Sphere Dispenser can be purchased through GSAAdvantage!

Contract # GS-07F-0298Y

Schedule # 84
Total Solutions Law Enforcement, Security, Facility, Management Systems, Fire, Rescue, Special Purpose Clothing, Marine Craft, Emergency/Disaster Response
Category# 567-8 Burning Equipment: - Flame Throwers, drip torch, aerial ignition equipment


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